Mobile Meals

In Virginia, 136,220 (7 percent of the population) residents struggle to get the food they need (Feeding America, 2014). Food insecure seniors are 53 percent more likely to report a heart attack. Food insecure children are more likely to experience stomachaches, headaches, colds, ear infections, and fatigue.

Mobile Meals focus is to provide meals-ready-to-eat to the displaced underserved population throughout the area (i.e.: safe, public places for pick-up). Volunteers will be dressed in TGNCK community outreach t-shirts and distribute packaged meals at set “hub” locations on a weekly basis. The summer meals will include two sandwiches (limited vegetarian sandwiches will be available), healthy snack and bottled water. Fall and winter meals will include a bowl of soup, sandwich, healthy snack, bottled water and a utensil.

Emergency Meal Units

We have recently incorporated the "Emergency Meal Units" sub-initiative for identified families in urgent need of dry goods. Identified families will receive the emergency meal units to immediately remedy food scarcity. Each "Emergency Meal Units" emergency meal unit consists of: 1lb bag of rice, 2 cans of beans (either butter beans or black beans 7 servings total) and 1lb of whole grain old fashioned oats.

Meals 2 Go Kits

Our Meals 2 Go kits were specifically designed after visiting one of our community partner elementary schools. We observed a Guidance Counselor making meal bags in a hallway for school-aged children who identified food insecurity outside of school hours. We decided that we would assist, within our ability, to provide meal bags for the students in hopes of relinquishing the Guidance Counselor's time. Our kits consist of seven (7) items that are healthy, interchangeable, will last several days and only require water as an additive.

Each kit consists of: 1(cn) creamy peanut butter, 1(bx) saltine crackers, 1(bx) flavored oatmeal, 2(cn) vegetable soup and 2(cn) Chefboyardee pasta (any flavor).

We conduct Outreach on scheduled days, planned one year in advance, throughout Northern Virginia and The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.  Our scheduled DC Metro days for 2018 are posted on our TGNCK Events page.

For all organizations, groups and/or individual volunteers, looking to partner and/or assist with D.C. Please coordinate 30 days in advance. It is essential that you arrive at 9:45am all events begin promptly at 10am. All organizations and/or groups must contribute towards the outreach event (i.e.: bottled water and desserts for a minimum of 100 people).

Capital Area Girl Scouts please go to our Get Involved page.


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