We were Featured by The Renewal Project!!

Do you believe in Vision Boards? Well I do. I believe in them so much that last year, at our Moving Forward Makeover Vision Board workshop, I placed a goal on mine. This goal consisted of being featured by The Renewal Project and competing for their Renewal Awards. Well ladies and gentlemen, half of that goal has become reality. The Renewal Project featured us on their website and Social Media sites! It was with great pleasure that I marked through that goal on my vision board. I was quickly reminded that the entire goal had not been fulfilled but my focus is still set on being a candidate for their Renewal Awards. 

I hope that if just one of you read the below article, you take from it the importance of embracing your past and taking "that leap" with regard to your goals/dreams. I was once embarrassed of my past. I mean, my friends either had a working mother or both parents and my grandparents were my head of households for a significant portion of my life. I always dreamt of what it would be like to have a Dad and to have always had my mother physically with me. At the young age of 34, I realize that had I not experienced that void, I wouldn't know what today's child is going through and wouldn't be so driven to be their backbone. 

It is not fair for a child to sake their innocence because of decisions made by adults or because of an adult's shortcomings. My heart desires to help as many unsheltered and underserved individuals as I can but the needs of our future leaders have a priority. They deserve balanced meals, adequate sleep, clean clothing and people who believe in them in order to perform and advance in their academics and social settings. I will help as many children as I can and only ask that you assist me with helping them. 

Read our feature in The Renewal Project!