Trends to Transitions

we are currently not accepting clothing at this time

Trends to Transition collects professional attire for men and women transitioning back into the workforce. To qualify for assistance, each participant must have completed a job-training program, have an interview scheduled, and have been referred to TGNCK by one of its partner programs located throughout Northern Virginia. These partner organizations include homeless shelters, welfare-to-work job training centers, and job training programs for Veterans, disabled individuals and recovering substance abusers.

Our skill-set, experience, uniqueness, and ability to perform the essential functions of a job description is the foundation for a qualified individual to obtain employment; however, like it or not, our appearance is equally important when it comes to making an impression and being selected for employment. Employers hire individuals they believe will “fit” into their organization, department, and/or team.

Clothing influences your attitude and confidence levels. When prospective new hires feel good about the way they look, they project a positive image, naturally conveying confidence and a positive attitude. When selling your qualifications, these non-verbal skills are equally important as the verbal responses you provide during your interviews(s).

Unemployment is a measure of how many people without jobs are actively seeking employment. The inability to find work is also associated with stress, financial hardship, health problems, and strain on family relationships. Virginia’s unemployment rate is down to 4.1 percent: expanding the workforce by 4,940 and increasing household employment by 5,588 (Virginia Employment Commission, 2016). By providing professional attire to adults who are actively seeking employment, TGNCK will do all that it can to ensure the unemployment rate continues to decrease. 


Resume writing 101

Resume Writing 101 Workshop is a sub-component of the Trends to Transition Core Program. This program is specifically designed to assist our unemployed Veteran population with the necessary skillset required to articulate their military experience into qualifying civilian competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities. We will work with professional third party agencies to host quarterly workshops for Veterans who have identified a need for assistance with regard to creating a civilian resume. Initially workshops will be offered on a quarterly basis. All Veterans will be entered into our database and follow-ups will occur to track and monitor progress on a 30-60-90 day follow-up basis.

Moving foward makeovers

Moving Forward Makeovers is also a sub-component of the Trends to Transition Core Program. This program is specifically designed to empower, educate and encourage our transitioning and local professional women by providing educational workshops and occasional spa-like experiences that positively charges, connects, and strengthens women as they begin to navigate the workforce, their career goals and residing on their own. Professional beauticians, makeup artists, administrative professionals, and healthcare professionals will provide, not only, health and beauty tips, but professional best practices. This initiative will serve as a support system for women and focus on empowerment, togetherness, and a sisterhood. The Moving Forward Makeovers committee is responsible for an annual project focused around educating, empowering and encouraging future-young ladies to get involved in their community.

Economic empowerment

This program is for all interested in learning about economics. We are partnering with local banks to provide professional and innovative training to foster economic awareness and freedom. Participants must commit to attending and participating in every course as well as providing feedback upon completion of training. Entry for each course phase is free. Once registration has closed for each phase, participants will not be able to register until the next offered phase.