We WON $11,000!!! Thank you Impact Club (Northern Virginia)

We competed for an opportunity, amongst other amazing organizations, to win $11,000 and when I heard Ryan say the word good three times before saying these beautiful words: “The Good News Community Kitchen” I just sat there. Tattoo Tom’s hug brought me back to reality in order to walk on stage and take this amazing picture. Thank you so much. Be sure to support your local Impact Club…it goes back into your community.




We are thankful to be a part of such an amazing and supportive community. While the need and demand for our services continues to grow, we must also grow in order to sustain our place within our community. We have launched our very own TGNCK Building Fund. This will allow us to own a TGNCK Life Center that will offer space for substance abuse treatment, parental re-integration workshops, workforce development, storage, active kitchen to host all of our community feeding events, academic reinforcement for children, English as a second language sessions, women's empowerment sessions, economic empowerment courses and our mentor program. 


We welcome all to host fundraisers on our behalf and to challenge their organizations and/or agencies to match their contributions!

Big Things are Happening...

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

The Good News Community Kitchen is growing and we are so excited about the direction of the organization. We will begin implementing programs and community events in Columbia, SC AND Charlotte, NC! 

Our first initiative with both locations consist of providing school supplies to our future leaders. We are accepting monetary donations ($20) to secure backpacks from a specific vendor along with supplies to stuff in the backpacks for Columbia, SC and we are accepting college ruled paper, blue/black/red pens, No. 2 pencils and two-pocket folders for West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC. 

Mrs. Tierra Allen chairs both locations and will serve as the point of contact for events in both areas. As our volunteer networks grow, our points of contacts will grow as well!

All residents interested in volunteering must submit an application via email or directly to Mrs. Allen.

Monetary contribution may be made online our website. Please indicate "SC or NC Chapter" in the notes when submitting online. Visit our home page to make a donation today!

Become a Member of our Fundraising Advisory Committee

The Good News Community Kitchen is looking to establish a Fundraising Advisory Committee. This Committee will convene on a monthly basis, face-to-face with the option to dial-in. The objective of this committee is to create and implement ongoing fundraising initiatives to sustain TGNCK efforts to continue adding value to the lives of others. Each committee member will be responsible for attending the monthly meeting, reviewing and assessing each month’s fundraising efforts and assisting with coordinating and implementing the annual 1920’s Charity Gala (February). Each committee member will have a monthly financial obligation of $40 per month. TGNCK is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization. All contributions and donations will receive a contribution slip for tax purposes.

Committee Members must submit a professional headshot and one paragraph summation of their work experience and/or current skill sets, to info@tgnck.org along with their volunteer application. All committee members will be highlighted in our quarterly newsletter, social media platforms and our website.

Your support and strategy will ensure TGNCK's success, sustainability and level of impact!

A TGNCK Patch for Girl Scouts Nation's Capital!

Guess what? We now offer a patch for all Girl Scouts interested in fighting hunger! Troops may coordinate their own event and/or participate in currently planned events to earn their very own TGNCK Hunger Relief patch. I am truly excited about this huge step for us and most importantly I'm thankful for having a great servitude-relationship with the Girl Scouts Nation's Capital. Feel free to contact us via info@tgnck.org to begin coordinating your outreach event TODAY!

Community Partnerships

Today, I had an amazing meeting with the Community Relations Officer at Quantico Marine Base! If you're familiar with my story then you are aware of my Army background. Veterans embrace a concept of family rather than that of working relationships and regardless to any branch, I adore how we support one another and take care of our communities. I look forward to the wonderful service-based relationship...family ties we create and look forward to adding value to the lives of others alongside those stationed at Quantico Marine Base.

Shifting Gears

TGNCK prides itself on its custom website and all of the great features it provides our community. Effective immediately, TGNCK will shift from a heavy social media presence to utilizing our website to disseminate events, projects, current events, images and our product line. While we love our social media family, as a non-profit organization with a website, we want to utilize all features associated with our website to keep the community informed, connected and with direct access to our office. 

Thank you for your understanding and support! Please pass the word out about our website www.tgnck.org

Be sure to browse our product line available in our Good News Store. 


TGNCK v Treeline Ministries Water Gun Showdown

This Memorial Day we chose to celebrate our Fallen Service Members and community servants with a twist. Two extremely active non-profits came together to have an ultimate water gun fight! Diversity, togetherness and service to others brought us together to pour into one another, in the name of summer fun, so that we can recharge, refuel and refocus on our mission: helping others!

What's Up Prince William captured our Director's Duel and cookout festivities...check it out!


Adam of iEdit_Projects brought his drone out to capture part II of our Director's Duel...yes I was victorious...check it out!

Director's Duel (click)

Community Committee

If you haven't caught on, we like to stay busy here at TGNCK! We are looking for local community members interested in serving as our Community Committee. This Committee will be charged with coordinating and implementing TGNCK's first community cookbook. 90% of all profit from the cookbooks will go to our Mobile Meals program (which consists of EMUs, Serving Lines and our Meals 2 Go Kits for Childhood Hunger). 10% will go back into the Cookbook Committee Fund for future projects the Committee will take on. 


Review and Select Recipe Entries (per category)

Organize Professional Photoshoot of all Creators of Selected Recipes (finished product as well)

Organize Layout of the Cookbook

Select Title of Cookbook

If you would like to be a part of this project please contact info@tgnck.org today!



We are looking to expand our TGNCK Family with dedicated volunteers who want to rebuild and strengthen communities by fighting hunger one meal at a time. 

Volunteer Positions:

Office Automation - Adult (9 hours per week) managing the office to include minor clerical duties, elite customer service skills, receives donations, organizes supplies, logs volunteer hours and manages office calendar 

Student Lead - High School Student (6 hours per week) conducting inventories, quality assurance and distributing flyers to local business areas (responsible for all games during Back to School Community Cookout)

Fundraising Lead (2) - Adult/Student (two meetings per month and fundraising events) coordinate, market and host TGNCK fundraising events

Social Lead (2) - Adult coordinate TGNCK socials for team building initiatives on a quarterly basis in the local area

*Each year TGNCK will award its Volunteer of the Year Award to one volunteer who has demonstrated various noble traits that focus on the accomplishment and growth of our mission*

Contact info@tgnck.org Subj: Help Wanted

Your Help is Needed

We have taken on the demanding challenge of Childhood Hunger. With community partnerships established and continuing to grow, we need YOU to ensure our efforts make an impact. 

For $10 or $20 per month your contribution will guarantee the acquisition of three to five kits for school-aged children. These kits consists of flavored oatmeal, saltine crackers, peanut butter, Chefboyardee and vegetable soup. 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization your monthly or annual contribution will receive a contribution slip for tax purposes. Please help us help others. 

*You will receive an electronic bill on a monthly basis for 12 months for the monthly option amount selected.*

         $240 Annual

         $20 Monthly Option #1

         $10 Monthly Option #2

We were Featured by The Renewal Project!!

Do you believe in Vision Boards? Well I do. I believe in them so much that last year, at our Moving Forward Makeover Vision Board workshop, I placed a goal on mine. This goal consisted of being featured by The Renewal Project and competing for their Renewal Awards. Well ladies and gentlemen, half of that goal has become reality. The Renewal Project featured us on their website and Social Media sites! It was with great pleasure that I marked through that goal on my vision board. I was quickly reminded that the entire goal had not been fulfilled but my focus is still set on being a candidate for their Renewal Awards. 

I hope that if just one of you read the below article, you take from it the importance of embracing your past and taking "that leap" with regard to your goals/dreams. I was once embarrassed of my past. I mean, my friends either had a working mother or both parents and my grandparents were my head of households for a significant portion of my life. I always dreamt of what it would be like to have a Dad and to have always had my mother physically with me. At the young age of 34, I realize that had I not experienced that void, I wouldn't know what today's child is going through and wouldn't be so driven to be their backbone. 

It is not fair for a child to sake their innocence because of decisions made by adults or because of an adult's shortcomings. My heart desires to help as many unsheltered and underserved individuals as I can but the needs of our future leaders have a priority. They deserve balanced meals, adequate sleep, clean clothing and people who believe in them in order to perform and advance in their academics and social settings. I will help as many children as I can and only ask that you assist me with helping them. 

Read our feature in The Renewal Project!

A Day in the Life of TGNCK - DC Outreach

As we grow we are always looking for new and innovative ways to share with the world the work that we are doing. Today we had the opportunity to conduct one of our outreach initiatives in the presence of a very talented videographer, I Edit Projects! He was able to catch a snapshot of the process we go through to accomplish our mission. Today was rather eventful but also realistic. What you will see is a combination of dark side to the unsheltered lifestyle surrounded by the beauty of those who want to make a difference, despite the dark side. Our organization covers much more than hunger relief. Our Core Four programs consist of: Mobile Meals, Hygiene Heroes, Trends to Transition and Warm Winters. Take a look...

A Roaring 20's Event

We did it! We coordinated, implemented and hosted our inaugural charity gala. This was such a learning experience. While, I believe I have added a grey hair or two, it was all worth it! People supported our mission buy purchasing sponsorship packages, tickets, silent auction items, pictures and beverages all to pour into our overall mission "to rebuild and strengthen communities by fighting hunger one meal at a time". Everyone dressed up in 1920's attire and enjoyed the roulette and Blackjack tables! Supervisor Ruth Anderson and the Lake Ridge Rotary Club attended the gala and gave me very inspiring and encouraging words. I truly love my team and community. Thank you all!

See you next year!