We are thankful to be a part of such an amazing and supportive community. While the need and demand for our services continues to grow, we must also grow in order to sustain our place within our community. We have launched our very own TGNCK Building Fund. This will allow us to own a TGNCK Life Center that will offer space for substance abuse treatment, parental re-integration workshops, workforce development, storage, active kitchen to host all of our community feeding events, academic reinforcement for children, English as a second language sessions, women's empowerment sessions, economic empowerment courses and our mentor program. 


We welcome all to host fundraisers on our behalf and to challenge their organizations and/or agencies to match their contributions!

Become a Member of our Fundraising Advisory Committee

The Good News Community Kitchen is looking to establish a Fundraising Advisory Committee. This Committee will convene on a monthly basis, face-to-face with the option to dial-in. The objective of this committee is to create and implement ongoing fundraising initiatives to sustain TGNCK efforts to continue adding value to the lives of others. Each committee member will be responsible for attending the monthly meeting, reviewing and assessing each month’s fundraising efforts and assisting with coordinating and implementing the annual 1920’s Charity Gala (February). Each committee member will have a monthly financial obligation of $40 per month. TGNCK is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization. All contributions and donations will receive a contribution slip for tax purposes.

Committee Members must submit a professional headshot and one paragraph summation of their work experience and/or current skill sets, to along with their volunteer application. All committee members will be highlighted in our quarterly newsletter, social media platforms and our website.

Your support and strategy will ensure TGNCK's success, sustainability and level of impact!

Community Partnerships

Today, I had an amazing meeting with the Community Relations Officer at Quantico Marine Base! If you're familiar with my story then you are aware of my Army background. Veterans embrace a concept of family rather than that of working relationships and regardless to any branch, I adore how we support one another and take care of our communities. I look forward to the wonderful service-based ties we create and look forward to adding value to the lives of others alongside those stationed at Quantico Marine Base.

Shifting Gears

TGNCK prides itself on its custom website and all of the great features it provides our community. Effective immediately, TGNCK will shift from a heavy social media presence to utilizing our website to disseminate events, projects, current events, images and our product line. While we love our social media family, as a non-profit organization with a website, we want to utilize all features associated with our website to keep the community informed, connected and with direct access to our office. 

Thank you for your understanding and support! Please pass the word out about our website

Be sure to browse our product line available in our Good News Store. 


TGNCK v Treeline Ministries Water Gun Showdown

This Memorial Day we chose to celebrate our Fallen Service Members and community servants with a twist. Two extremely active non-profits came together to have an ultimate water gun fight! Diversity, togetherness and service to others brought us together to pour into one another, in the name of summer fun, so that we can recharge, refuel and refocus on our mission: helping others!

What's Up Prince William captured our Director's Duel and cookout festivities...check it out!


Adam of iEdit_Projects brought his drone out to capture part II of our Director's Duel...yes I was victorious...check it out!

Director's Duel (click)

Looking Back at an Amazing Year!

I was always conditioned never to look back. Its acceptable to look back briefly to appreciate your current position and promising future but the keyword here is "briefly". Today, I choose to reflect a little longer than usual because 2016 has been a great year for TGNCK! Lets see here...what happened:

We formed in 2015 and received our tax-exempt status. We opened a brick-and-mortar and celebrated that by having a packed ribbon cutting ceremony where all guests donated school supplies that went to three elementary schools. We prepared over 2,000 meals throughout our region, distributed just as many hygiene packages, provided blankets and coats for three elementary schools, local families and the unsheltered homeless. We coordinated two Moving Forward Makeover workshops. We established a partnership with the men of Kappa Psi and Pi Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. We were featured in several magazines and newspapers. We received numerous contributions and grants. We held team building functions to strengthen the morale of our most important resource...our volunteers! Last but not least, we received the support and assistance of our amazing community! Feel free to view our Gallery page to see exactly what we've been doing!

We cannot THANK YOU enough for the amount of support and encouragement you give us. Just to give you a hint of what we are working on for next year: we have our inaugural charity gala coming up in February, each program will be lead by a Committee Chair, we are actively looking to secure two volunteer Office Managers to manage the office and we are looking to roll out our much anticipated Resume Writing 101 Workshop for Veterans! This workshop will also include interactive interview tips and ideas! We are looking to engage our teenage youth volunteers with students in need of tutors to help strengthen academic confidence and performance!

If you haven't submitted a volunteer application is never too late to submit one! We are always looking for dedicated team members to help rebuild and strengthen our community!