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Shifting Gears

TGNCK prides itself on its custom website and all of the great features it provides our community. Effective immediately, TGNCK will shift from a heavy social media presence to utilizing our website to disseminate events, projects, current events, images and our product line. While we love our social media family, as a non-profit organization with a website, we want to utilize all features associated with our website to keep the community informed, connected and with direct access to our office. 

Thank you for your understanding and support! Please pass the word out about our website

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Turning a Dream into Reality, pt I

Ever since I have been a little girl, I have dreamed of being active in my community. Years later, as an adult, I still have those dreams but decided to journal about it and share my thoughts with individuals I felt would be interested in these dreams of mine. Well, one day, nothing major about this day, I felt a nudge and had the bright idea that TODAY IS THE DAY I would take actual steps into making this dream a reality. I researched "Starting a Non-Profit Organization in The Commonwealth of Virginia" and took notes. Within minutes I had completed my Articles of Incorporation and dedicated a few hours to compiling every process, related to TGNCK's operations. This document would soon become my Bylaws. Ironically, those key individuals, I had shared my vision with, through the years, all agreed and voted to become my Board of Directors and Executive Officers. This step in the process affected me emotionally because, to me, this meant I wasn't the only person who believed in this vision or this cause. Now I'm really motivated.

The Commonwealth of Virginia recognized us as a non-stock corporation on March 4, 2015. A year later, the IRS awarded us our tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), status on March 15, 2016. If you're wondering why it took one year and 11 days, its because [well] the application fee is $400 and it is at this point ALL of your substantiating documentation must be complete: business plan, proposed budget, mission/vision statement, formation documentation, Bylaws, etc.. Once we received our award letter from the IRS, we submitted our application to receive Charitable Contributions (which comes with a $100 application fee). We needed a mailbox (fee), logo (fee), website (fee), business cards design (fee), business cards (fee), and lets not forget the time it takes to ensure these documents are completed accurately. We all have full-time lives that we are "balancing" to make this organization, amongst other goals, occur. Soon, we will begin writing grant proposals and hosting our own "FUN"draising events. This is quite the learning experience for each member of the Executive Committee; nevertheless, this is a worthy experience we each have committed to.

I truly hope that you are committed to enduring this wonderful journey with us as well. I think it is most rewarding when people can come together, in support of something positive, that helps others. The fellowship, bridges and partnerships built are priceless. Frequent my "Corner" to read about this process and other encounters while turning this dream into reality! I look forward to growing before you and helping others beside you.

*Pictured you have myself and fellow public servants, of religious-based outreach programs, touring the Virginia office of the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB).

Thank you!



I'm so Happy!

This evening had to be one of the best evenings I've experienced while pursuing my outreach initiatives. We prepared barbeque chicken, yellow rice, and cabbage for the families at our adopted shelter. Typically, there are more adults than children but this time the children's table outnumbered the adult's table. We were a bit nervous when thinking about how the children would embrace the cabbage. Within minutes of everyone saying grace they overwhelmed us with much appreciated accolades. Of course I smiled from ear-to-ear, showing all of my gums. My moment came when one of the pre-teens asked if he could help wash dishes..."uh YES grab that towel and dry". Personally our wanting to make a difference in our community comes from moments like this. Yes. We want to strengthen our community and we want to end hunger but we also want to reinforce effective communication, active listening skills, and family-like experiences that will shape our younger generation [now] so that they value "family time" in the future. He could have went outside with the other guys but instead he helped, got to know us and why we do what we do. Hopefully the "thing" that intrigued him about us will push him to do the same, if not something more impactful, for his community.

Dream. Plan. Take Action.

Yesterday was a great day for T.G.N.C.K. Though we decided to "work" during the planning, coordinating, and forming of the organization (meaning we fed those who were hungry while we formed), we just recently accomplished the finalizing steps towards making T.G.N.C.K. a full non-profit organization. We formed as a non-stock corporation on March 4, 2015 but it wasn't until last week, when we were able to submit our application for tax-exemption recognition. Yesterday, we opened the non-profit business account, officially opened a credit card for the organization, and retrieved our Outreach T-shirts! Now, you may wonder why I'm so forthcoming with information. Well, simply put...I'm extremely proud of our accomplishments and I believe in transparency.

I came across this image and felt the need to share it. If you have a goal in mind, stay true to it and do everything in your means to bring it to life.

Visualize it. Inform others. Put it on the calendar. Be realistic. Remain committed.

See your goal come to life. Own your goal by sharing your concepts with others (accountability). Set a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, make it realistic, and set a time frame (SMART goal). Stick to accomplishing your goal despite any setback (which is a mere lesson that will better your approach).


Whether Small Steps or Big Leaps... We're in Motion!

T.G.N.C.K. formed March 4, 2015 in The Commonwealth of Virginia. Since then, we have adopted a local homeless shelter, distributed hygiene bags to the homeless, hosted a clothing drive for women and children's, and last but not least applied for tax-exempt recognition solidifying our 501(c)3 status.

Initially, when strategizing and brainstorming, we did not anticipate an entire year having passed by before we submitted the necessary documents to obtain tax-exemption. Despite the time gap, we continued to press forward, advancing our vision and mission within the Northern Virginia area. We have gained amazing contacts within the Prince William County public service community and with the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB).

We look forward to growing before your very eyes as well as having you assist and/or support us in the community. Our website will reflect every community outreach initiative we coordinate. Be sure to visit us frequently and to let your family, peers, and colleagues know about us.

This is just the beginning!