I'm so Happy!

This evening had to be one of the best evenings I've experienced while pursuing my outreach initiatives. We prepared barbeque chicken, yellow rice, and cabbage for the families at our adopted shelter. Typically, there are more adults than children but this time the children's table outnumbered the adult's table. We were a bit nervous when thinking about how the children would embrace the cabbage. Within minutes of everyone saying grace they overwhelmed us with much appreciated accolades. Of course I smiled from ear-to-ear, showing all of my gums. My moment came when one of the pre-teens asked if he could help wash dishes..."uh YES grab that towel and dry". Personally our wanting to make a difference in our community comes from moments like this. Yes. We want to strengthen our community and we want to end hunger but we also want to reinforce effective communication, active listening skills, and family-like experiences that will shape our younger generation [now] so that they value "family time" in the future. He could have went outside with the other guys but instead he helped, got to know us and why we do what we do. Hopefully the "thing" that intrigued him about us will push him to do the same, if not something more impactful, for his community.