Community Partnerships

Today, I had an amazing meeting with the Community Relations Officer at Quantico Marine Base! If you're familiar with my story then you are aware of my Army background. Veterans embrace a concept of family rather than that of working relationships and regardless to any branch, I adore how we support one another and take care of our communities. I look forward to the wonderful service-based relationship...family ties we create and look forward to adding value to the lives of others alongside those stationed at Quantico Marine Base.


We are looking to expand our TGNCK Family with dedicated volunteers who want to rebuild and strengthen communities by fighting hunger one meal at a time. 

Volunteer Positions:

Office Automation - Adult (9 hours per week) managing the office to include minor clerical duties, elite customer service skills, receives donations, organizes supplies, logs volunteer hours and manages office calendar 

Student Lead - High School Student (6 hours per week) conducting inventories, quality assurance and distributing flyers to local business areas (responsible for all games during Back to School Community Cookout)

Fundraising Lead (2) - Adult/Student (two meetings per month and fundraising events) coordinate, market and host TGNCK fundraising events

Social Lead (2) - Adult coordinate TGNCK socials for team building initiatives on a quarterly basis in the local area

*Each year TGNCK will award its Volunteer of the Year Award to one volunteer who has demonstrated various noble traits that focus on the accomplishment and growth of our mission*

Contact info@tgnck.org Subj: Help Wanted