color psychology

What Does a Color Represent?

In the planning phase you brainstorm and identify all areas that affect your project or goal. During our planning phase we touched on our mission, vision, name, objectives, budget, and even what color we wanted the public to identify with our organization. I recall a conversation where it was asked "why does it matter" and it didn't really bother me but, well I guess it actually did, because I need all things in my life to be transparent. For me, a color triggers an emotion and can influence how I respond to things: whether I embrace it, yield to it, reject it, or ignore it.

T.G.N.C.K. is all about helping those in need. In order to help anyone we must first be welcomed/received/trusted. We searched all colors and did minor assessments where we showed various images in various colors and asked people to give us their most honest feedback, with regard to the image and the first thought that popped in their mind. We even tried the assessment. What we found was that people gravitated towards blue, green and purple.

Green symbolizes freshness, fertility, growth, harmony, health, nature, and safety. T.G.N.C.K. strives to reunite as many individuals, as possible, with each characteristic. Through this process we decided to be the change we want to see in others and represent a fresh, growing, harmonious and safe pillar in our community.